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CMWYC Candle Quince 10.5 oz

CMWYC Candle Quince 10.5 oz

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Hand Poured Quince Candle in Concrete Vessel with Lid

10.5 ounce hand poured candle that melts evenly all the way to the bottom. Beeswax, soy and coconut wax blend. Braided cotton wick. Excellent cold and warm throw. Made locally by Catch Me When You Can. Approximately 60-70 hour burn time.

Fragrance: Quince Accord. Subtle, floral, citrusy. LIke the promise of summer on a spring breeze that brightens the mood of your home year round.

Candle Care:

To help your candle last longer, always trim wick to ¼” in height before burning.

Do not extinguish until entire top of candle has melted evenly. Extend the life of your candle by burning 2-4 hours at a time, then extinguish and trim the wick. Do not leave burning candles unattended. Set an alarm or reminder on your phone as a reminder. Do not burn when their is less than ¼” of wax left, and always set on a fireproof surface.

Our Packaging:

Our matte white candle vessel is unadorned with labels and ready to be reused as a container for pencils, rubber bands, any non-food item or break it up and use to mulch your houseplants. Due to the matte finish, scuffing may occur. Clean gently with a magic eraser. To reduce packaging waste, we do not use an outer carton. If you require special gift packaging, please let us know when you place your order.


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